self-publishing shouldn't be a solo mission

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Thinking about self-publishing but not sure what is involved?


Our team of designers is ready to work with you to make your book, your way. Every project is unique which means no cookie cutter templates here, just lots of ideas and creative problem solving.


We offer editing services to help clarify your ideas, polish grammar and typos, and sequence your images effectively. Once your book is ready for production, we will help you find the best printer for your book, while staying on budget.


We can help you create a marketing plan and explore effective avenues for distributing your book. From online storefronts, social media marketing, book fairs, zine fairs, pop-up markets and other options for self-publishers, we’ll help you find your audience.

Portage Publishing

is a self-publishing consultancy.
We offer the services needed to self-publish your book, your way.

We have experience with a wide range of projects including: novels, photo albums, textbooks, portfolios, fine art books, family histories, poetry books, illustrated books, comics, graphic novels, children's books, academic writing, biographies, blog-to-book, handmade books, and more. Our parent company Anchorless Press, has been specializing in artist-initiated photobook and artbook publishing since 2011.

Unlike many other self-publishing businesses, we work one-on-one with you, offering fully customized advice, design solutions, printing and marketing options that will work for you.

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